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My work is directed like that of an archeologist surveying impressions in the ground; I try to impart the sun, the passage of the sea, the movement of the waves on the canvas or paper, the abrasive effect of the sand and the salt on the ink and the color.

Seaweed serves as the brush and the ink (its juice); its impression becomes the subject. But seaweed is only a pretext, it is a call from my roots serving to both connect and disconnect me, finally projecting a little of myself, my emotions… my soul.

After reflecting, I am now able to see the pursuit of my art degree from Versailles as somewhat of a spiritual journey.

My study of psychology directed my interests first to “Art Brut” and that of the painters of the unconscious, and then to the surrealists such as Max Ernst, Masson and Miro.

Following the “action painters” such as Pollack, who also considered his work as a painter something akin to a spiritual quest.

It is necessary to add that two artists have particularly touched me: one is the Spanish artist, Miquel Barcelo, who originated from one of the Balearic Islands close to my own origins, and the other is Anselm Kiefer who also incorporates earth and plants in his creations.

My own work is close to that of the "peintres-graveurs", it takes place most often on location… The sea is my matrix.

Email: catie@seve.net

May 2008: "Le Reflet" won first prize of the 19th "Mai des Createurs" of the Salon des Beaux-Arts of the city of Orly (Paris Orly).

October, 2008: Catherine Javel's work won first prize in painting at the ‘salon des artistes’, Chatillonais, France.

Ecole des Beaux Arts, Versailles (4 years)
Diploma, 2006 - 2OO7

University of Paris V
DESS psychologie clinique, 1978
DEUG- Bachelors, Masters

University of Paris IV Celsa
DEA communications (2ans)

Studies in 'Art Plastique'
Musée des Arts Décoratifs: course in drawing and painting
Ecole des Beaux Arts d’Ibiza: course in painting
Studio Catherine Le Baron: sculpture
Studio Poussin: painting and drawing
Studio of Croix Nivert: sculpture, modeling

Catherine Javel's work is featured on The Ringmaster, Seasonal Moments and the Fire Dance Duo publications.

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