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L'Homme Jaune by Catherine Javel

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"The Fire Dance Duo is a piece of strong character and vitality with a propulsive rhythmic energy
that will engage players and listeners alike."
•Victor Rosenbaum, pianist (Faculty member, New England Conservatory, Mannes College of Music,
former Director of the Longy School of Music)

Fire Dance Duo, by Donna Gross Javel, is written for one piano, four hands. Fire Dance Duo is very
short and makes a great encore selection. It is full of energy and has some fun rhythmic challenges.
It uses mixed meters and octaves. It has been performed frequently by students and professional
pianists and has been very enthusiastically received by audiences. This work is intended for pianists
playing at the late intermediate or early advanced level and may also be performed on two pianos.
Fire Dance Duo is part of the ANYTHINGPIANO NEW REP SERIES.

Fire Dance Duo has been performed frequently by talented students and professional pianists including:
Columbia Museum of Art, Art of Music Series
February 27, 2011: Claflin University faculty members Meisha Adderley and Stacy Holliday
Indiana University Southeast
September 17, 2010: Tedder-Ximenes Piano Duo
The Rivers School Conservatory, 32nd Annual Seminar on Contemporary Music for the Young
April 11, 2010: students coached by A. Ramon Rivera
University of Lowell, Music on the Merrimack Concert Series
March 4, 2010, The Four-Hand Piano Duo: Bonnie Anderson and Donna Gross Javel
New England Conservatory prep division, Twentieth Annual Festival of Contemporary Music
January 31, 2010: students coached by Tatyana Dudochkin
Longy School of Music, Concert of Music by Women Composers
May 10, 2009: students coached by Deborah Yardley Beers
New England Conservatory prep division, Chamber Music Festival
May 24, 2009: students coached by Mana Tokuno

Fire Dance Duo (piano duet) $3.50

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