Pianos: The Bare Essentials

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Piano Maintenance

Tune pianos at least twice each year. Humidity should remain as constant as possible. 42% relative humidity
is considered ideal. Placement of piano: ideally, on an interior wall and not in direct sunlight. For more information, including a list of piano technicians in your area, please consult the Piano Technician's Guild.

Adjustable Piano Benches
One source for adjustable benches online is CPS Imports:
Telephone: 480-329-5530
Fax: 480-632-7425

Guidelines for Buying a Piano

The following book is best described as the 'Consumer's Report for Piano Purchasing'.

The Piano Book: Buying & Owning a New or Used Piano
Larry Fine, Foreword by Keith Jarrett

An Annual Supplement to The Piano Book is also available in electronic format.

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