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Seasonal Moments is a collection of 4 original piano pieces at the late intermediate level by Donna Gross Javel. They are especially well suited for teenagers and adult students. They are melodic and use challenging rhythms. The key signatures used are G minor, G major, and D minor. Seasonal Moments is an AnythingPiano publication and is part of the Kaleidoscope Konzert Series.

Score Review of Seasonal Moments

"Seasonal Moments is for more advanced students at grades 3-5 level. There is a piece for each season. Winter has Evening Snowfall, a pretty flowing piece with several tempo changes; Spring is about Green Open Spaces, dreamy and expressive, whilst Summer is a Fire Dance, exciting with asymmetric rhythmic patterns. Finally, Autumn, Ambling Along, brings to mind walks among newly fallen leaves. Tricky rhythms mean there are a lot of semiquavers to be counted here. The music, modern without being jazzy and with a slightly New Age tinge to it, is certain to have a lot of appeal for students."
AF, review from the EPTA Piano Journal, Issue 88 2009, European Piano Teachers' Association 

Score Review of Seasonal Moments
"Seasonal Moments, a collection of four late intermediate compositions showcasing the seasons, reveals thoughtfully crafted works that challenge students to improve their musicality via increasingly difficult technical requirements. Gross Javel’s use of varied meter, delicate hand-crossings..." read more...
•Nancy Witmer, review from the IAWM Journal, June 2009, International Alliance for Women in Music    

"Donna Gross Javel's 'Seasonal Moments' collection is now in my 'special pile' and will be used in future lessons and pedagogy classes."
Dr. Beth Gigante Klingenstein, Chair of the Department of Music, the Director of the VCSU Community School of the Arts and Author of 'Independent Piano Teacher's Studio Handbook

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Cover Art for Seasonal Moments by Catherine Javel .

Catherine Javel's painting, "Le Reflet" is featured on the cover of the Seasonal Moments publication.
In May, 2008, "Le Reflet" won first prize in the 19th "Mai des Createurs" competition of the Salon des
Beaux-Arts in the city of Orly (Paris Orly), France. More examples of Catherine Javel's work can be seen
in the Art Gallery section of this web site.

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