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The Ringmaster and Other Circus Music is a collection of 3 original piano solos at the late elementary level by Donna Gross Javel. These pieces use five-finger patterns to help make them more easily accessible to young players. The unexpected accidentals provide added appeal to the simple harmonies. The smallest note values used are eighth notes and their corresponding rests; the rhythms are challenging. The Ringmaster and Other Circus Music is an AnythingPiano publication and is part of the Kaleidoscope Konzert Series.

Score Review, IAWM Journal, 2009 June Issue
"The Ringmaster and Other Circus Music is comprised of three delightful compositions for late elementary pianists. Carousel, a happy C major piece in ABA form, gently and briefly slips into G major for the B section, allowing students to make the position change while hardly noticing. The Ring Master and The Famous Bouncing Ball Act provide two more excellent opportunities for elementary level students to experience the fun and excitement of a character piece while improving their articulation skills." read more...
•Nancy Witmer is a faculty member of the Department of Music at Frostburg State University. Currently a candidate for a DMA in music Education from Boston University, Ms. Witmer has been a piano teacher for almost forty years.

"Donna Gross Javel's 'Seasonal Moments' collection is now in my 'special pile' and will be used in future lessons and pedagogy classes. Her use of varied articulations in 'The Circus Collection and 'The Ringmaster' is to be commended. These pieces will be excellent for helping students see the value of articulations."
Dr. Beth Gigante Klingenstein, Chair of the Department of Music, the Director of the VCSU Community School of the Arts and Author of 'Independent Piano Teacher's Studio Handbook

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Cover Art for The Ringmaster by
Catherine Javel.
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