Recommended Resources

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Most of the resources in this section are specifically related to music. However, "Helping Children Succeed" contains general resources to help the increasing number of parents who are becoming concerned about their children's emotional and intellectual development.

Guiding Your Child's Musical Experiences

Helping Children Succeed

Books You and Your Child Can Read Together

CDs and DVDs: Music for Singing  |  Lullabies  |  Introduction to Classical Music
Does your family have a favorite book, CD or DVD? Contact me and I will consider including it here.

AnythingPiano Publications: original piano music by Donna Gross Javel (full disclosure -that's me!)
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May I recommend a GREAT family card game that is not related to music? SET Game
Many math teachers use this game with their students because it relies so heavily on the ability to work with patterns. However, most people I know play it because it's fun!

I have chosen not to receive any commission from Amazon.com for any products you purchase based on my recommendations (nor will I receive a commission for any purchases of SET Game).

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