Effective Practice and Motivation

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Below are some of the many different aspects involved in learning how to practice the piano effectively.

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Helping your child to learn how to practice the piano effectively is obviously a great idea but perhaps a more practical issue is that of getting your child to the piano in the first place. It is usually helpful for parents, children and teachers to discuss each particular child's ideal practice time and environment. Some children enjoy receiving parental help, other children prefer to have a parent sit beside them just for their company, not their wisdom. We all lead busy lives and it is helpful for all involved to discuss the parameters of what each person involved is able to contribute to piano practice. For more ideas on how to motivate your child at the piano click here.

In addition to these site resources, you can download a Piano Practice Guide which you might want to keep at the piano for your child; it is a very 'generic' practice guide. Your child's piano teacher may want to create a different list with more specific guidelines as to what to practice and how to practice it effectively. The important thing is that practicing should be goal oriented and children need to be assigned very realistic and specific goals. Learning to practice the piano effectively is a skill that can be developed.

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