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Performance Programs can be tailored to the concert host's requests. Themed programs are also possible. Concert venues include concert halls, libraries, museums, schools and universities, independent and assisted living facilities, private homes and churches. Most of our audiences enjoy hearing brief descriptions about the composers and their works so we usually allow time for that within each performance. However, many concert formats require a more standard performance without talking and we are happy to accommodate those requirements.  In addition to the standard repertoire, I am very excited about the Living Composers: AnthingPiano Project (LCAPP). Talented composers from all over the world are continually sending me a wide variety of compositions for piano, four hands. The fact that these compositions encompass such a broad range of styles and cultures adds to the excitement. Audience response to the programming of these works has been electrifying.

"It is the Artist's lofty mission to shed light into the very depths of the human heart."

- Robert Schumann

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