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"The Fire Dance Duo is a piece of strong character and vitality with a propulsive rhythmic energy
that will engage players and listeners alike."
• Victor Rosenbaum, Pianist (Faculty member, New England Conservatory, Mannes College of Music, former Director of the Longy School of Music)

"Bonnie Anderson and Donna Gross Javel, as The Four-Hand Piano Duo have performed several concerts at the Boston Public Library to very enthusiastic audiences. They play  classical music with great passion and sensitivity. Their introductions to the pieces were spot-on and added enormously to the enjoyment of the music. We will be glad to have them again to transport us to a beautiful and exciting world of music!"
Steven Dunhouse, Librarian, Boston Public Library

"As a creative and thoughtful teacher whose work is inspired by her own students, Donna Gross Javel's piano compositions are lyrical and delightfully unpredictable, yet always firmly anchored by a strong rhythmic foundation."
Amy Greer, Pianist, Columnist for 'The American Music Teacher'

"I want to thank you and Bonnie for performing in our Bach's Lunch Concert Series at the Nashua Public Library
in July. Your dynamic and energizing program treated us to a musically and visually enriching experience.

With your warm, engaging personalities, you and Bonnie connected with the audience immediately, preceding each work with behind-the-scenes tidbits about the composers or the music to enhance people's appreciation
of the music.

Your lively program was a highlight of this summer's Bach's Lunch season. I think that the reason we enjoyed large turnouts at subsequent concerts in the series was that the audience left your concert thirsting for more..."
Carol Luers Eyman, Outreach and Community Services Coordinator, Nashua Public Library, NH

"It was an absolute DELIGHT having you and Bonnie join us on Monday morning!!!! You bring so much light
and energy into a room - it's quite contagious! Everyone who was at the lecture/demonstration has been emailing me to say "Bravo! That was great!" Perhaps we can see you perform again soon!

Love your piano music that I purchased. I've already started sharing it with a few students this week! Thanks, once again for inspiring us, educating us and giving us a bit of beauty to listen to during that cold wintry day!"
Lauren Averill, North Shore Piano Teachers' Guild, member; piano teacher for 30 years

"The Four-Hand Piano Duo presented a spectacular concert at our First Sundays Classical Concerts. The energy and excitement Bonnie Anderson and Donna Gross Javel generated by their performance sparked a spontaneous standing ovation from our audience. Bonnie and Donna delighted the audience with their introductions and stories of the composers, and then brought us all on a magnificent musical voyage that started with great works by the well-known composers Mozart and Debussy to new music by still living composers. Their comfort with the music and their ease in front of the audience helped everyone relax and enjoy the music. They know how to make the music timely, relevant and accessible to all!"
Kathy Cryan-Hicks, Head of Community Services Department, Chelmsford Public Library, MA

"Pianist Donna Gross Javel is the complete performer: virtuosic, nuanced, smart, and engaging. Her solo playing is beautiful and transporting. Her duet playing with Bonnie Anderson is as fine an example of ensemble piano as you'll find: two players reacting and sounding like one. These pianists give new life to the four-hand literature. Donna also speaks about music with passion and wit, and her own compositions have exactly these qualities."
Josh Shapiro, Co-Founder of the Classical Piano Concert Series, Parish Center for the Arts, Westford, MA

"I'm so happy I had the privilege of hearing you speak about how a piano teacher can work successfully with families of young students. Your ideas were comprehensive in every way -- in the breadth of subjects you addressed, and the richness with which you addressed each subject. I was also touched by the compassion you showed every group and individual you mentioned. As a teacher whose teaching is spread out among so many different types of students, I am grateful that you have become such an expert in working with children and their families (or should I say families and their children), and that you took the time to share your thoughts with our group. I needed it! When is your book coming out?!"
Teresa Dybvig, Director, The Balanced Pianist

"Donna Gross Javel has been one of the top pianists who has performed at Orchard Cove, a continuing-care retirement community located in Canton, MA. Audience responses have been overwhelmingly positive, leaving our enthusiastic audience clamoring for more. We routinely ask for feedback from our community, and our activities committee is very active in reviewing performers. Comments include "This was a superb evening!" and "A beautiful piano ensemble with charming and attractive artists." Donna Gross Javel, who performed with fellow pianist, Bonnie Anderson, is extremely professional, vibrant, and knowledgeable, giving background comments about the pieces being performed. We look forward to upcoming performances with Ms. Gross Javel and as one of our residents wrote "We would absolutely suggest a return engagement whenever it can be arranged."
Sandra Spring, Director of Activities, Orchard Cove, Canton, MA

The Four-Hand Piano Duo of Bonnie Anderson and Donna Gross Javel was featured in 'Best Bets' Northwest section of the April 1, 2007 edition of the Boston Sunday Globe.

"Again, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you. It is always a delight to have you and Bonnie here. I wish that all of our performers were as talented and personable as you two - I'm not saying that as idle praise – it is truly wonderful that you share your talent and lively spirit with us."
Jim Kingsbury, Assistant Director of Resident Programs, Newbury Court, Concord, MA

"The residents love listening to your performances. You bring joy to anyone who listens to you."
Elyse Golibroda, former Director of Resident Programming, Lasell Village, Auburndale, MA

"The Four-Hand Piano Duo presents a very special concert played with enthusiasm and high energy. You will be touched by Donna Gross Javel and Bonnie Anderson's ease and grace of which they play. If you have not seen four-hand pianists play, they are definitely not to be missed."
Rosalie C. Bloom, Fox Hill Village, Westwood, MA

"Thanks to Donna Gross Javel’s musical expertise and creativity, the pool of enchanting elementary-intermediate solo piano selections has been greatly expanded."
IAWM Journal, Score Review, 2009 June Issue

"It is the Artist's lofty mission to shed light into the very depths of the human heart."

- Robert Schumann

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