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Below are some of the many different aspects involved in learning to practice effectively.

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Finding the time to practice is often the biggest obstacle for students of any level. As an advanced student you already know that time, focus, and committment are important ingredients for progress. Try to make time by setting aside a specific part of each day that you can devote to your piano practice. Don't be afraid to ask for support from your family and friends; declare a communication blackout - decide not to respond to phone calls, email or instant messages between certain periods of time!

Practicing should be goal oriented; set very realistic and specific goals.

Many advanced students have spent so much time focusing on how to improve their playing that they often have forgotten what it was that initially drew them to the piano. Be committed but try to rekindle the special magic of music that most beginners and amateurs understand so well. Set aside some time just to 'play' for pleasure.

Motivational and Inspirational Quotes

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