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Why Beethoven Threw the Stew
Steven Isserlis

A collection of short biographies of famous composers; they are informative and written with a sense of humor. By the way, the author is a fantastic cellist and has many recordings; he wrote this book for his own children. Recommended for children ages 10 and up.

An Illustrated History of Music for Young Musicians
Gilles Comeau and Rosemary Covert

There are five, thin, books in the series: Middle Ages and Renaissance, The Baroque Period, The Classical Period, The Romantic Period, The Twentieth Century. These books are fascinating because they not only explore the lives of the major composers, they also include the art, architecture, clothing of the period and invention timelines for each period. Recommended for children ages 11 and up. Many high school students have enjoyed reading them because the books provide such a broad view of each time period in an easy to read, but never patronizing, format that can be read in a day or two.

The Children of Willesden Lane: Beyond the Kindertransport: A Memoir of Music, Love, and Survival
Mona Golabek, Lee Cohen

This book was recommended to me by students who met the author.


Beethoven Lives Upstairs by Classical Kids, Mr. Bach Comes to Call by Classical Kids and Susan Hammond, Mozart's Magic Fantasy by Classical Kids, The Best of Vivaldi by Classical Kids
These recordings by Classical Kids provide a nice introduction to classical music. Children enjoy the stories and the music.

Fantasia (60th Anniversary Special Edition) (1940)
Leopold Stokowski conducting great works of classical music animated by Walt Disney

The following two CDs contain the same three Children's Classics: Prokofiev: Peter & The Wolf , Saint-Saens: Carnival of the Animals, Britten: Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra. These classics can be found on many different recordings.

Children's Classics - Prokofiev: Peter & The Wolf/ Saint-Saens: Carnival of the Animals/ Britten: Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra
New York Philharmonic Conducted and Narrated by Leonard Bernstein (also includes children)

Prokofiev: Peter & The Wolf
Boston Symphony Orchestra , Conducted by Seiji Ozawa, Narrated by Melissa Joan Hart

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